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The project embodies an ambiance reminiscent of the “Southern California Style” with architectural features inspired by “Florida Architecture.” Comprising two interconnected buildings, it offers ample amenities catering to residents’ needs. Safety is ensured with 24-hour security, while privacy from external disturbances is prioritized. Extensive public gardens in European style, spacious project entrance pavilions, and an underground electrical system contribute to creating a beautiful landscape.


The house design is tailored to accommodate family living, providing a comprehensive lifestyle experience within the home. It is an adaptation and development from the Spanish-style house to reflect a luxurious living style. The Spanish style is popular in the Mediterranean region, the southern part of France, the coastal areas of Italy and Spain, as well as in the southern parts of Florida, California, and the southern part of California. Because it is suitable for areas with hot weather, this style is also famous for building vacation homes to escape the cold weather in Europe’s wealthy regions and in the northern part of New York, making it suitable for Thailand’s climate and reflecting the luxury of the western region.

Project Layout

The project layout focuses on ventilation and shading to keep the houses cool and comfortable throughout the day. This design allows natural airflow to enter the living spaces, along with a central public garden within the project, separating the proportions of usage from the clubhouse.

Club House

Two interconnected buildings, both on the first and second floors, offer a variety of facilities and amenities, including an adult swimming pool with spa seating, a children’s swimming pool, a meeting room, a karaoke room, two cinema rooms, a childcare room, separate male/female bathrooms, dining room, kitchen, balcony, spa massage room, sauna, jacuzzi, fitness/gym room, and seminar banquet room.

Project Information

Project Type : Single House
Project Owner : Chaopraya Mahanakorn Company Limited (Public Company)
Contact Number : 1172 Ext. 72
Project Location : Bang kradi Road, Samae Dam Subdistrict, Bang Khun Thian District, Bangkok
Number of Floors : 2 floors
Number of Units : 36 units
Project Area : 94 Rai 2 Ngan 47.11 Square Wah
Living Area : 346-389 square meters

House Model
Casa Del Mar (A1)

House Model:
Santa Babara (A2)