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Kasaeureka Rama 2 – Phutthabucha
Aesthetics, pictures of living
Kasaeureka Rama2
The house that gives more than words … The house is characterized by beautiful architecture, European Colonial style combined with contemporary European style. That reflects a luxurious lifestyle Stylish, complete with functional functions that are perfect with the Cluster Home Design format, which has a project layout that is organized into groups. To increase the transparency to be able to fully appreciate the beautiful landscape from every angle
Best location potential With every convenience
  • The location that makes traveling to destinations flexible, able to enter – out many routes, from Phutthabucha Road, Rama 2, Wat Yai Rom, Tha Kham, Suksawat, Pracha Uthit
  • Warm, safe, modern with Double Security system with CCTV cameras throughout the project area. With a 24-hour security team
  • Convenient The road within the project is 9-12 meters wide and 8 Strip Park within the project
  • Refreshing and relaxing with Large park Within the project
  • with other facilities, clubhouse, swimming pool, indoor gym